Teemlucky finished her racing career for owner Roger Brookhouse as a six-year-old, sound with a fantastic temperament, but just unsuited to that particular role. The decision to find her a new home was made; please read below to hear how she is adapting to her new life in the words of her new owner:

I honestly could not have asked for a lovelier horse than Lucky! I have had her around four months now and she has taken absolutely everything in her stride and been super chilled since the moment she stepped off the box. We haven’t done loads yet, but she has been so lovely and straightforward, and you can hop straight on after any little holidays, and she is exactly the same. We are just hacking out around the Cheshire countryside at the moment and starting to build her up a bit in the school, but she feels well on her way to being the lovely little all-rounder I hoped she would be.

The plan is to get her out and about over the autumn and have a go at some dressage and clear round competitions, and hopefully try some low-level eventing come spring. We are just taking it slowly and seeing what she enjoys, but so far so good! She is also the cuddliest, friendliest horse I’ve ever met, and she’s best friends with everyone she meets within minutes.