Stran Millis retired from his racing career with Ian in 2009, he is now twenty years old and is looking fantastic in the care of his owner of ten years, Lucinda …

I found Harry in 2012 in South Molton Devon. He had sadly been through many homes since leaving racing with Ian. So, I had to start from scratch with him. Long reining/lunging and getting him to come to a mounting block was very hard. He didn’t trust and had no respect for people, but slowly he became very trusting and very cuddly.

We found he absolutely loved his showing and he competed in the ROR in hand classes. He wins at most shows he goes to and has qualified for the ROR championship show every year that I have owned him, which is now 10 years. We went to the ROR championship show in 2017 and had a fabulous time.

He loves hacking and that is what I love as well; muddy lanes and rivers are his favourite. He is a kind, gentle, loving boy and is the love of my life.