Alison Thorne has rehomed several horses from us including SOLIX & JAMINDEH.

She describes her experience with the horses as ‘making her last ten years’ and that they have ‘made her so happy, having had the best adventures.’

Alison recalls taking the horses to the beach for their summer holidays with the dogs and riding out for hours, describing it as ‘absolute heaven’ and stating that ‘we are so lucky’.

Read below to hear how her horses are loved and living great lives:



Solix is the king of all horses. I have waited all my life for him, he is now sixteen and still sound. He still behaves like a colt and dumps me resoundingly, whenever I think he’s getting old. He has stayed sound despite arriving with a lesion on his tendon.

Ian was very patient and ensured he had eight weeks box rest before I collected him, he then had twelve weeks on a reduced paddock. He has since stayed sound, with the exception of one-foot abscess.

I’m always careful how I ride him; with pace and going and thankfully we have so far stayed lucky. He has some peculiarities we have had to work with, but we say that’s him just being him!



My daughter Zuleika now rides all of the horses, but Jamindeh is hers. We take part in various occupations with the horses such as; home hacks, light hunting, occasional pairs jumping and have fabulous beach gallops at Holkham Beach in Norfolk.

Jamindeh is a huge character and always has something to say, so things stay interesting. Jamindeh has show jumped enthusiastically, generally galloping flat out over everything, but he did surprise us all by winning on one occasion, probably for his creativity!