FREUD was a three-time winner in his racing career and retired to his new home in November 2018, where he has become the ‘perfect family horse’. Read below to hear how Freud has settled into life with his new family in the words of his owner Vikki:

I have had horses most of my life, but never a Thoroughbred. I fancied something a bit different and had hopes of retraining Freud to show jump. Unfortunately, due to life getting in the way (young family, full time work etc) that never happened. However, that gave Freud the chance to fulfil the role I believe he was destined for- the perfect family horse!

In his four years with us he has lived out 24/7. He is honestly the calmest and kindest horse I have ever known. He loves humans and fuss. He can be handled by anyone, young or old, and is a real yard favourite. He is the perfect happy hacker; whether on his own or in company, he is totally bombproof, I have never known him spook at anything.

This has made him perfect for hacking out with my young daughter and her young pony. I can rely on him to be a steady lead horse and give everyone confidence. He will happily stand and wait for the pony to catch up. He loves hacking out on the working farm he is kept on, and also on the surrounding roads.

Freud has now taught several people to ride, including my friend’s 10-year-old child.

Whilst I have had him, he has been away to a riding camp, and has a trip to the beach planned for next year.

Occasionally I take him out to a show, where he enjoys low level jumping and dressage. However, his best event is handy pony, which he excels at!