We call him Ronnie at home, he didn’t really have a stable name when we first came to see him. This one fits him perfectly. Ronnie when he’s cute. Ronald when he’s naughty! Ronnie Roo Roo when he’s super cute. The short version is we love him.

His job here was to fix Alex’s’ broken heart, Alex is my son, nearly 20.  We’d lost Stan (also an ex-racer) 2 weeks and 1 day before Ronnie came home. 9th October 2021. Ronnie was beautiful and warm and a goofball from day 1.

Show jumping is what we love to do. We don’t have lots of money, but we have lots of love and fortunately so does he. He also now loves to jump, regularly attending lessons. He’s been to some competitions, and he really loves his new job and new friends, my big horse Samuel and my other sons pony Kicker.

Everyone where we livery loves him and we call him ‘Mr Perfect’ because we still don’t know what his “thing” is. You know the thing that will make you question him. It’s never come.

I’m sure that’s way over the top and a bit gushy, but it’s all true and we couldn’t love him more. Thing is now we’re not sure who gave who the new life. He’s put as much life back into us as we have him!

The Team at Ian Williams racing will never know what they did when they let Ronnie come home to us.