The racing industry, in common with most sports in this modern age, is chock full of cliches and glib/lazy phrases when it comes to comment and analysis.

In many ways, it is sad that the demand and appreciation for words and prose has declined as the current new generation seem intent on driving down the use of language into ever smaller chunks.

The ‘limitations’ of a medium such as Twitter which in June this year topped 250,000,000 active accounts, have exacerbated the requirement to shorten and abbreviate thoughts and comments.

Apologies reader, I digress ….

My focus this week is to highlight how one of the most commonly used cliches in sport, and especially in racing, actually is founded in a sound base of truth and fact …. When a trainer states that, ‘I could not have done this without the help and support of my team at home’, he is telling it as it is.

Racing yards, large or small, rely heavily on the ability, loyalty and commitment of their staff, that includes the lads and lasses, the farrier, the vet, the racing office staff, the dentist, the yardmen, and the gallops men.

Racegoers and punters have very little idea of the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to get a horse to the races – blood, sweat and tears doesn’t do it justice.

My name is on the licence, and I get the airtime on television after a winner, but the all the successes and glory are a team effort.

This Sunday I will be hosting an Open Day at the yard for my owners and guests, which will give all my staff an opportunity to enjoy the plaudits and positive feedback from the owners.

With things going well at the moment – my last fourteen jumps runners have yielded five winners, five seconds and two thirds, the mood in the yard is positive and we are all looking forward to the coming weeks and months with a positive attitude.