Bob Morton has been a long standing owner, but he is best known for his love of greyhounds and his association with the greatest dog to ever grace a track, Westmead Hawk.



So, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be invited by Bob to Henlow on Sunday to present the trophy for the Westmead Hawk Memorial race.

It was fitting and apt that I should present the prize to Bob, as Westmead Chris won a dramatic race by a short-head.

Typically generous, Bob had put up £5,000 for the Hawk Memorial, making it the most valuable graded race ever staged, and having won his own money he rolled the prize over to 2015!

I was fortunate to have been at Wimbledon for both nights when the incomparable Westmead Hawk won the Derby in 2005 and 2006. Greyhound racing is a spectacular spectator sport, but the Hawk stood head and shoulders above his peers, and his style of racing and finishing burst is unlikely to ever be matched.