The Godolphin sponsored Stable Staff Awards are the annual ‘Oscars’ for all those hard-working dedicated people in yards and studs across the country who look after, prepare and love their horses.

We are incredibly pleased and proud that Lyndsey Bull has been short-listed for the TIEA Rider/Groom Award

Please click the link below to hear from Lyndsey in a piece recorded in the summer


Key Criteria

Excellent horsemanship.
Team spirit, attention to detail and reliability.
Prioritises equine welfare in everything they do.
Contributes to the overall performance of the yard through their commitment in and out of the saddle.

Our Submission

I would like to nominate Lyndsey Bull for the TIEA Rider/Groom Award, as she has all of the qualities listed as requisite for this award, in abundance. Lyndsey joined Ian Williams Racing at the age of 16 and has grown to be a much loved, irreplaceable member of the team. She started out in racing by completing work experience for Trainer James Unett, she loved it so much that she applied for a course at the Northern Racing College. Following successfully completing her course, she joined the team at Ian Williams Racing and has been here ever since, totalling an admirable twenty years in racing.

During her time here, Lyndsey has become the proud mother of her son, Alfie. Lyndsey is reliable enough to be trusted to work different hours from other members of the team, so she can continue work around picking her son up from school. She starts work with everyone else at 6.30am, mucking out, then riding out and continues working after the rest of the team have left until 2.30pm giving special attention to horses who may need inhalers administered, in hand walking, rugs and bandage changes, washing sheets and rubbers amongst other tasks. Previous to the arrival of her son, Lyndsey spent many years driving all over the country as a much-trusted member of the travelling team.

She is eternally cheerful, always smiling and has a positive effect on yard morale. Although Lyndsey does suffer with ill health not necessarily suited to working in a yard, being very asthmatic, she always returns to work with such buoyancy and vigour. Lyndsey will genuinely say, hand on heart, that she loves her job. She is even on record saying that if she wins the lottery, she will still be getting up and coming in to ride her horses, especially The Grand Visir! Although Lyndsey is unable to take her horses racing as much as she would like, due to the commitments to her son, (she does make exceptions for The Grand Visir), Lyndsey often bakes cupcakes for the team on big race days in the corresponding horses’ colours to support and garner team spirit from the yard.

Lyndsey is a friend to all; many of the younger members of the team will go to Lyndsey as an emotional and supportive ear to listen to their problems inside and outside of work. Lyndsey always does what she can to help. Lyndsey will talk to anyone and often will make new members of staff feel welcomed and at home in their new surroundings. She gains fulfilment from imparting her twenty years of knowledge educating, helping and supporting younger members of the team, and always in a non-patronising manner. She has successfully gained her Level One in Racing Coaching and aims to go on to her level two and then progress to level three in the future. On our recent Racehorse Week Open Day, Lyndsey was happy to give members of the public lessons on the Equicizer, her vast knowledge and fun and friendly manner did not go unnoticed and received much positive feedback from visitors to the yard.

She assists the Racing School Rovers in helping members of the team that have recently graduated from the racing schools to attain their level two Apprenticeships, giving hands on support with tasks such as plaiting, preparing horses for racing, bandaging, mucking out to a high standard, lunging and support with their riding. It is noted by many that Lyndsey is willing and enthusiastic to go above and beyond to help others, whether it is giving coaching sessions to the younger members of the team or standing horses up for photographs, she is patient with both the horses and people and always willing to help.

Lyndsey cares deeply for all of her horses, she always puts them first and handles them in a kind compassionate manner, both on the ground and ridden. Her absolute favourite is The Grand Visir, who she looks after, rides, and spoils every day and whom she nurtured to become the yard’s first Royal Ascot winner.

She is completely trustworthy, a fantastic example to the younger members of the team and an asset to Team Williams.